Why Gollum is one of the best characters ever written

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Re: Why Gollum is one of the best characters ever written

Postby Rath Darkblade » Fri, 03 Aug 2018 9:48 pm

Let's also not forget that Gollum was imprisoned, and twice. After he left the Misty Mountain, he made his way south into Mordor where all evil was being drawn at the time, discovering the secret stair located near Minas Morgul and surviving an encounter with Shelob. He was captured on his return, taken to the dungeons of Barad-dur and forced to reveal to Sauron under intense torture what he knew about the Ring.

Gollum was then strangely freed, as he showed no particular loyalty towards Sauron, but caught by Aragorn, then interrogated by Gandalf, who placed him in the care of the Silvan Elves living in Thranduil's kingdom in Mirkwood. Assisted by Orcs he escaped them, and then set off looking for the Shire.

He passed through Moria, but could not make it out of the East gate. Seemingly he then just waited there until he got lucky when the Fellowship passed through. However, as Frodo was a ring-bearer he might have foreseen the passing of the ring. Alternatively, some of Saruman's or Sauron's spies may have revealed to him the Fellowship was heading towards Moria.

Gollum's imprisonment (and torture in Mordor) probably did very little to improve his mental well-being. In addition, his long age (he was nearly 600 years old when he died) had done very little to weaken him physically, but mentally he was like a child, in that he was unable to understand good and evil. He wasn't immoral but amoral - i.e. he didn't choose evil, but he simply sought to gratify his own desires, regardless of morality.
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