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Re: Breaking through

Postby Rath Darkblade » Mon, 24 Feb 2020 9:43 pm

1. Yes, they are no-brainers. (For me, at least).

2. Interesting! Yes, I sometimes (read: often) forget the setting, and when I don't forget, I forget other things ... thanks, Cage! :)

3. I'm already part of an author's group. I'm not sure about investing in Writer's Digest, but I do have a few Writer's Digest books on order - and the shiniest one, the one I'm most eagerly anticipating, is Matt Bird's "The Secrets of Story". (I already got a copy from the library and am going through it, and have already used one of its lessons IRL .............. but it'll be good to have my own copy. Hooray.) ;)

I've been to a conference once, and didn't get anything out of it. Alas. :(

I don't have or need a laptop. When the muse strikes, it strikes unexpectedly - it could strike on a crowded tram for all I know - which is why I use my mobile phone's note-taking app to make quick-and-dirty notes until I can get to my computer. (I used to use a notebook and pen (yes, I'm a dinosaur :P), but the crush of the morning/evening commute means I can't always reach them).

Anyway, that's it for me ...
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