Writing is hard! Or is it a block?

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AJ Konlucko
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Re: Writing is hard! Or is it a block?

Postby AJ Konlucko » Tue, 26 Feb 2019 4:54 pm

That makes a lot of sense to me.

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Rath Darkblade
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Re: Writing is hard! Or is it a block?

Postby Rath Darkblade » Tue, 26 Feb 2019 10:17 pm

That does make sense - and writing can certainly be a hard slog sometimes. Here's a limerick about it that I wrote earlier. ;)

A hack writer bragged "I'm the Bard!"
and proceeded to write drivel, marred
by anachronisms
and malapropisms -
he didn't know writing was hard!
There is nothing wrong with nepotism, so long as you keep it all in the family. (Winston Churchill)

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