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Re: Will the Reader ...

Postby Rath Darkblade » Sun, 10 Feb 2019 11:32 am

None of these are a huuu-uuuu-uuge bugbear for me. I just close the book and throw it out (or return it, if it's a library book), that's all. ;)

I have to wonder if "Wheeee—ain’t writtin’ (sic -Ed.) fun!" (or the other spelling/grammar mistakes) are intentionally ironic... ;)
There is nothing wrong with nepotism, so long as you keep it all in the family. (Winston Churchill)

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Re: Will the Reader ...

Postby Rkcapps » Sun, 10 Feb 2019 3:02 pm

I like this bit,

Grammar rules are not as subjective as are those “rules” Some Writer or Person or Someone Somewhere Who We Often Call “They” suggest we follow (and often “They” are correct).

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